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Piston Valves

We offer seat less and glandless Piston Control Valve that is considered to be the best for controlling of stream and thermic fluid line. Piston Check Valve has also found its application in numerous liquid and gas control operations. Manufactured from optimum quality materials, these piston valves are in great demand. Piston valves can be availed in different metal construction that can suit various conditions. We offer piston valves in ND/16 and ND/25 rating and 15mm to 150mm range. We supply the flange of piston valve as per various BS, DIN, ASA, IS dimensions. We have carved strong position in the market as one of the leading Piston Valves Manufacturers and Suppliers.

General Features & Highlights of Piston Valve
  • Seat less & Glandless valves
  • Piston Valves are maintenance free
  • Sealing rings easily replaced online
  • Adapts as regulating valve

  • The Bubble tight seal is formed by
  • The cylindrical piston precision-ground stainless steeel
  • The resillient sealing rings-made from specially, imported material
  • The load on the bonnet nuts compresses
  • The load on the bonnet nuts compresses

  • The Bubble Tight Seal is Formed By
  • The Cylindrical Piston Precision-Ground Stainless Steel.
  • The Resillient Sealing Rings-Made from Specially Imported Material
  • The Load On The Bonnet Nuts Compresses
  • The Resilient Sealing Rings Firmly Round
  • The Piston To Give a Pressure-Tight Seal


    • It is a Seat less & Glandless valve
    • The valve up to the size 6â does not have any stuffing box. The salient feature of this valve is that of the piston operation.
    • The piston slides between the two packing rings made of asbestos PTFE and does not rotate; hence there is minimum ware.
    • The only warring part is the packing ring and that to after an extensive use. A ported lantern bush separates the two packing rings.
    • The bottom ring rests on a cast machined groove of the body and upper packing ring is being held and remained pressed by a bonnet on top.
    • The bonnet rests on the top ring, when tightened evenly by the nut of the stud presses the lantern bush, which in turn presses the bottom ring. This is done by keeping the valve in closed position.
    • Thus the mechanism is aligned compressed and ready for operation. Here the bottom ring of the valve serves the purpose of the seat while the upper ring serves the purpose of a gland.
    • The advantage of the valve is when any leakage is observed from the hole of the bonnet, specially provided for this purpose; it can be stopped on the line. This is done by tightening the nut of the bonnet evenly, keeping the valve in closed position.
    • The maximum thickness of the ring is utilized and when the valve cannot be further tightened to stop the leakage, It is only required to replace the packing rings. This can be done on the line itself. The pressure drop in this valve is considered as high as 18%.

    The valve finds it's best application in control of steam & thermic fluid line. The valve also has numerous applications in the control of liquids and gases also.

    The valves can be supplied in various metal constructions to suit the condition. The valves are available in ND/16 and ND/25 rating. The flange of piston valve can be supplied in accordance to BS, DIN, ASA, IS dimensions. The range for the valve is from 15 mm to 150mm

    The valves can be supplied with electrical and pneumatic actuation.